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16 februari 2007

BQR Sweden

2nd International Conference on
Quality Chain Management
30th – 31st May 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden

The 2nd conference on Quality Chain Management will focus on international common understanding of trendsetting interests and major incentives towards chain integration and successfully managing better co-operation among players involved. The objective is to generate learning effects – particularly for executives and practitioners.

The first conference on Quality Chain Management, which took place in The Hague in October 2006 and was arranged by PSIBouw in co-operation with BQR and the Dutch Construction Client Forum, confirmed that chain integration – when driven by a shared vision on the total end-result – is rewarding for all players involved and improves quality of both products and services in built facilities.

How to manage chain integration?
How to create a shared vision and co-operation among all players?

The Conference Programme will provide discussions in four main themes:

  • Driving Forces and Management tools
  • Procurement Strategies for new Co-operation, Partnering and Alliancing
  • New Roles and Competences of Players
  • Supporting Tools and Information Technologies

Each of these will be addressed by keynote- and best practice presentations and treated in a panel session. Executive stakeholders within the chain will be selected to form the panels.

more information: BQR, Sweden


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